Review: Harmony Aluminum Kayak Paddles

These paddles came free with our kayak, a promotional deal from, so were a logical first option for reviewing here!  They normally sell for ~$72 at that website, making them definitely more of an entry-level paddle, so I wasn’t expecting much.  That said, they’re perfectly adequate for a relaxing paddle around the lake. The integral drip guards worked well, and they stowed easily in our car since they split in half.

My one complaint is the length, with 225cm being the only available option with these paddles.  The kayak we got was a very wide tandem kayak, ~33″ wide, which proved a bit inconvenient with these paddles…I really think a longer paddle, 240cm or so, would be more appropriate and I plan to eventually upgrade to that.  For a narrower solo kayak, I think these would suit the casual user just fine.

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