KayakSlow.com was created to fulfill a need.  When I decided to buy a kayak for our family, I found a shortage of kayaking information online.  Colorado is not exactly the world’s most popular place for kayaking, due to its relatively few bodies of water…but more importantly, due to its fantastic whitewater opportunities.  Googling for kayaking in Colorado yielded many results about whitewater kayaking, but not recreational stillwater kayaking, and that’s the void this website seeks to fill.  My goal is to make this a useful repository of information for those who wish to ‘kayak slow’, just enjoying a nice cruise on a lake, reservoir, or slow moving stream.  While this is a heavily Colorado-centric website, I’ll also do my best to provide information relevant to kayakers everywhere – namely, product reviews and kayaking tips.

As for the ads on this website…I debated whether or not to include those, but in the end, decided that I’d throw some ads on here in a non-obtrusive location, and if they produced revenue, it could help fund my kayaking hobby.  If ads bother you, just do a Google search for ‘AdBlock’ to find the relevant link for your browser.  It does a great job at automatically hiding the ads on this website (and others!).

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